J. C. Sledge

Chris Sledge was born in Leeds, the son of a University Lecturer. To his continuing regret he was sent to Rugby School, where his only achievement of note was to play cricket for the school at Lord’s. He was educated at Cambridge University, where he read Economics.

He has spent much of his working life as a management consultant, an occupation which has given him plenty of scope for observing the mistakes which people make in running organisations. This experience informs his novel Internal Memorandum, which looks at events in the working and private life of his main character, and how the two influence each other. Novelists outside the academic world don’t usually deal with this aspect of our existence – possibly because it lies beyond their normal “comfort zone” – and Chris believes this is the first book of its type since Roy Fuller published Image of a Society 50 years ago.

His most recent novel Another Mouth Has Passed recounts events in the attractive village of Horton Fence, where there is a proposal to build a social housing development on a central site. To some, this is a welcome initiative; to others, it is a betrayal of the essential character of the village.

Chris is married, and lives in North Dorset.

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