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hairI was a great disappointment to my mother.  Heavily pregnant nine months after the 5th Essex Regiment arrived home from the war, she was convinced that I would be a girl, and decided to call me Felicity Elaine. Sadly (for her) I appeared with a willie, so she took her revenge by calling me Melvyn and allowing my curly, ginger hair to grow unchecked.

To learn more about my dubious past, visit the 'About Me' page on my website by clicking here.

meAfter 40 years as a traditionally published professional writer, I am now turning to self-publishing. This is not simply because my follicle deficiency is unlikely to appeal to the publicity departments of major publishing houses, but because I am attracted by the speed and degree of control that self-publishing offers. It allows me to set the price of my books and initiate special offers and events. Publishing through Brimstone Press and printing via both Amazon and IngramSpark, my paperbacks can be made available through bookshops worldwide, as well as on line at Amazon and as Kindle ebooks.

My 36 traditionally published books on philosophy, religion and ethics, have sold over half a million copies in English and have been translated into 15 other languages. To see my books, comments, free notes for students and much more, click on my 'Philosophy and Ethics' website at the top of this page.

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