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What does it mean to be 'me'? What has made me who I am? Can I change?

If you have asked yourself these questions, you need to read ME!


bud exp

I have other basic introductions to Buddhism, both for schools and for the general reader. Clickon the titles (or the Buddhism link above) for further information.

world phil

Large format and illustrated, academics from both the UK and the USA contribute to this introduction to philosophy from the perspective of both East and West.

It is not out of print, but used copies are available via Amazon.

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religion and scienceReligion and Science - new Kindle edition!

Written for students taking A level examination in Religious Studies, Religion and Science gives an overview of the issuesthat arise in the overlap between these two aspects of life, unpicks the key arguments and sets them in an historical context.  

While the wonders of the universe are being explored by science, religion seeks ways in which that sense of wonder can be expressed and responded to. 

Issues of debate betwen religion and science can easily become polarised between a narrow scientism and a literalist and supernaturalist view of religion; hopefully, this book will present you with an attempt at careful, rational balance.

Price crash! Originally published at £12.99... Available used from £6.00... New Kindle edition at only £1.85... Whole text comes free on this site!Click on the cover to go to its webpage an look at the options.

It is available in Kindle format, or the text is free on this website. Click the cover for details.

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buddhism'Buddhism: key ideas'

Formerly published by Hodder in their Teach Yourself series,101 Key ideas: Buddhism is now available as an e-book. It offers easy and flexible access to Buddhist idea.

'I was having trouble getting my head round many aspects of my Buddhism A-Level but as soon as I read this book it all became clear. It is a match between a dictionary and a text book, it only tells you the things you really need to know. I could not reccommend it enough to anyone who is either studying the subject or thinking of becoming a Buddhist.' (from a review on Amazon)

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The Philosopher's Beach Book

beachIt may not be exactly holiday weather at the moment, but The Philosopher's Beach Book offers you a light but thought-provoking read any time you want to grab a few moments out of your routine and do a bit of non-routine thinking.

Thirty five questions about life and its meaning, introducing a range of philosophical ideas and thinkers.

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Published by Hodder Education.

The following books, published in Hodder's 'Teach Yourself' series, offer an accessible introduction to each area of philosophy.

philosophy ethics religionpolitical

exist science eastmind

Has Google killed off the need for basic introductions to factual subjects? Why get a book, whether printed or electronic, when more information than you can possibly need is available at a click of a mouse? If in doubt, click here.


I have two books in the Access to Religion and Philosophy series (published by Hodder Education), for those studying for AS and A2 level Religious Studies papers in the UK - An Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics and Ethical Theory. The third book shown below - Religion and Science - is now available free on this website.

ethical int phil and eth science



mugAlthough words are my stock-in-trade, I find that some of my best thinking is done when walking, particularly when I get an opportunity to get out into inspiring countryside, or along a coastal path, as here at near Durdle Door in Dorset. Hence this website has a section on Visual Philosophy and also galleries showing some of my favourite places. There are some things that can be seen but never fully expressed.


The world is not what we think about, but what we live in!





They may have behaved badly, but this book will give you an introduction to the thought of some great philosophers.




Sartre? de Beauvoir? Camus? Heidegger? Kierkegaard?  This book offers an introduction to existentialist ideas 

... for the Curious

New audio books, from Hodder & Stoughton

with discussions chaired by Mark Vernon.


phil curious


Flash editions...



Hodders have published a new range of paperback books, including new versions of some of the Understand... titles in the Teach Yourself series.




Only 96 pages long, these are abridged versions of the original titles. They are a handy and quick was to get into a subject. But be warned - if you already have the original book, you will find nothing new here; the text has been lifted straight from the earlier versions.