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Understand Eastern Philosophy






This book has chapters on Early Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Tantra and Zen. It covers the basic philosophy of each of those traditions, rather than the religious practices. For more information, click here.


These are my own books on Buddhism, for other material please click here.

buddhismKey Ideas: Buddhism

Only £1.53 (or $2.99) in Kindle format!

From Abhidhamma to Zen, this book offers a basic introduction to key Buddhist ideas, arranged alphabetically and explained in straightforward language.

Each idea is linked to others, so you can start with any one entry - the Buddha, perhaps, or Meditation or Zen - and follow the links to related topics, building up a complete picture of the key ideas of Buddhism.

It is ideal for anyone wanting to get a systematic grasp of Buddhist thought and for students looking either for a quick introduction to its ideas, or revising for examinations. The language is accessible and suitable for students at GCSE and above.

'I was having trouble getting my head round many aspects of my Buddhism A-Level but as soon as I read this book it all became clear. It is a match between a dictionary and a text book, it only tells you the things you really need to know. I could not reccommend it enough to anyone who is either studying the subject or thinking of becoming a Buddhist.' (from a review of the original edition on Amazon)

budd 101It replaces my earlier title 101 Key Ideas: Buddhism, which was published by Hodder Education in 2000, as part of their 101 Key Ideas series. The new ebook contains the same 101 explanation of Buddhist ideas, but the text has been revised, photographs have been added and it now has a full set of links to move around from one idea to another, making it an easy revision tool for students, or a quick way of getting to know Buddhist ideas and how they link together.


It is available now from Amazon, and - by clicking on the link (or here , for Amazon in the USA) - you will be able to 'See Inside' the book and judge the range of topics covered and the level of presentation.

Go on! At only £1.53, why not?



Here are three books for school use...

Seeking Religion: The Buddhist Experience

For key stage 3  (12-14 years)

This book offers a factual, balanced and culturally sensitive approach to Buddhism, along with opportunities for students to explore and reflect on their own beliefs and values, in the light of Buddhist teaching.

Click the Amazon box for more information and to buy a copy, or click here to buy from Amazon in the USA.

Or buy it from...



Buddhism: a new approach

For GCSE (14-16 years)

This book combines a factual outline of the lifestyle, beliefs and practices of the Buddhist community, with questions and activities to stimulate imaginative empathy and to encourage personal reflection.

This original edition - now out of print - was written jointly with Steve Clarke, who has now written a new edition. Used copies are available on Amazon, or try Steve Clarke's new edition.

Click the Amazon box for more information and to buy a copy, or click here to buy from Amazon in the USA.


Buddhism (World Faiths series)

Published by Chrysalis Children's Books, with a simple but factually accurate text and delightful illustrations, this book offers an introduction to Buddhist beliefs and practices, aiming to give children a sensitive view of Buddhism both as a religion and as a view of life.

Click the Amazon box for more information and to buy a copy, or click here to buy from Amazon in the USA.

incenseOffering incense; Hong Kong.

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This huge image of the Buddha, filling the building within which it is housed, looks down in serene calm on visitors to Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand.


Stupas in Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand