Some of the questions this book explores...

Can a heap of sand prevent baldness?

Did you bring your laptop?

Are you predictable? 

Does morality add up?

Should you regret being prudent?

Is the universe meaningless?

Would you take a holiday from paradise? 

Is moral relativism absolute?

Would you still bet on God?

Were you ever ‘at home’?

Successful? Ambitious?

Is fairness possible?

Is any theory as good as any other?

Do you believe your own website?   

Naked thoughts?

What part does luck play in your life?

Is pragmatism useful?

How did you become who you are?

Do you own your own thoughts?

Who were you?

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Question 26: What part does luck play in your life?

The Philosopher’s Beach Book invites you to relax and think; to wiggle your toes in the sand and reflect on the meaning of life.

Thirty five short chapters...

From an Amazon review...

'While I like most section 35, on death ('Who Were You?'), there are serious challenges throughout this book. Questions of meaning, consciousness and fairness all crop up, and do a good job of giving the reader plenty to think about. And that is where the joy of this resides. You only need a few pages, before you'll want to sip a drink, cast your eye over your chosen holiday destination - and think over what Thompson has had to say.. '

mugYou don't need to be on a beach to read this book! It simply provides you with an opportunity to stand back, look at life and ask some fundamental questions.

I hope you enjoy it!




Light enough for a holiday read; substantial enough to get you thinking!

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