1. Introduction

2. From the Greeks to the medieval world

3. The rise of science

4. Method, language and authority

5. Modern physics and the nature of reality

6. The origins of the universe

7. Evolution and design

8. Freedom and determinism

9. Miracles

10. Scientific explanations of religion

11. What is a human being?






Religion and Science

Due to be re-published at the end of May, as one of three titles in the new 'Access for Students' series. The e-book will be priced at only £1.99 / $2.99 and available from this website!

religion and sscience

Originally written for students taking A level examination in Religious Studies, Religion and Science gives an overview of the issuesthat arise in the overlap between these two aspects of life, unpicks the key arguments and sets them in an historical context.  

While the wonders of the universe are being explored by science, religion seeks ways in which that sense of wonder can be expressed and responded to. 

Issues of debate betwen religion and science can easily become polarised between a narrow scientism and a literalist and supernaturalist view of religion; hopefully, this book will present you with an attempt at careful, rational balance.

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mug"So much has happened in the religion and science debate over the last ten years or so. Sadly, the most widely publicised is the on-going battle between the fundamentalist extremes, with those who defend a naive and literalist interpretation of Genesis, waged against some scientists (including Dawkins, who really should know better) who refuse to take a measured or scientific view of religion and who tend to move in the direction of scientism - the 19th century view that science offers the only way to describe reality.

"Hopefully, this book will restore the rightful position of the middle ground, recognising that religion is an interesting phenomenon for science to examine, but also exploring and celebrating the proper (and inspiring!) place of scientific knowledge in a humane view of the world.

"Science, it seems to me, has an obligation to take phenomena seriously and to attempt a balanced explanation of their causes and their place in the larger scheme of things. Religion, like morality, is a phenomenon to be studied and, if possible, explained. Religion is NOT simply to be identified with belief in God - it is far more complex than that. Why it persists, in the face of huge intellectual difficulties with many of its claims, is a fascinating subject worthy of serious philosophical and scientific scrutiny."


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168 pages

2nd edition, 2008

Hodder Education

ISBN-13: 978-0-340-957767-9

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