1. Influences of Ancient Greek Philosophy

2. Argument for the existence of God and their critics

3. Revelation and religious experience

4. Challenges to religious belief

5. Religious language

6. Issues raised by science

7. Body and soul

8. Ethical arguments

9. Ethical theories

10. Religious ethics

11. Free will and conscience

12. Practical ethics I

13 Practical ethics II

14. Preparing for the examination


Further Reading

An Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics


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The Access to Religion and Philosophy Series...

Key features of this series of books for students at AS and A2 level:  

mugDon't be put off by the long list of contents!  Each chapter is broken down in order to give you the main facts and arguments you need.

Key people, quotes and ideas appear as marginal notes, to pick out points of particular interest, and there are brief profiles of the main thinkers.

Each chapter ends with a checklist and there's also a section giving advice on preparing for your examination.


264 pages

2nd edition, 2008

Hodder Education

ISBN-13: 978-0-340-96657-0

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