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It may be possible to open the Centre for access to Exhibitions and to view the material in our archives outside our regular opening times by contacting us via the 'general enquiries' email.

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The Parish Archives can usually be accessed during opening times, but please check with us before your visit so we can arrange to make particular items available.

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The Centre may be booked for special events including meetings (with a maximum seating capacity of 30 people), educational, family history and school visits. 

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The History Centre is run by a team of volunteers who organise and produce the exhibitions and events, staff the centre during opening hours and answer queries. If you would like to become involved in any way, please email us.





William Calcraft (grandson of the papermaker and amateur doctor) born in 1800 in Little Baddow, became a shoemaker, then drifted between various occupations until he became assistant to the public hangman of the City of London.   In 1829 the hangman died and Calcraft took his place.   He retired in 1874 with a pension from the City.   He was said to be a kindly man, fond of children and animals.   William was noted as being the very last Public Hangman in England.’

Sheila Rowley


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