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Papermill Books is a publishing venture, in association with The Little Baddow History Centre.

Thanks to the generosity of the Berridge family, royalties from the Berridge novel will go to the History Centre, to continue the work of Jesse Berridge in preserving and making available the history of Little Baddow.






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HernimannAway & Home - World War II

Pat Herniman

This is the story of a young girl growing up to be a teenager during six years of war. Contrasting the peace of the Somerset countryside with the turmoil of Essex under bombardment, it blends the author's own experiences with those of friends, relatives and strangers, including members of the armed forces.

Long after the conflict ceased, their memories and stories lived on and are now brought to life in a narrative that blends a child's experiences and observations with mature, autobiographical reflection.

This delightful book, illustrated in full-colour, is the result of many years of reflecting, writing and researching in local museums It is a personal story, but one that, more generally, throws light on the experience of being young during the war. To buy a copy, just click on the small cover image on the right.

The five historical novels by Jesse Berridge - written in the 1920s and 30s, and now lightly edited and re-published - are full of local and historical references to delight anyone who lives in Essex, or who just loves an old-fashioned historical romp, with elements of supernatural and mystical spirituality. Enjoy!

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and the paperback editions are £7.99 ($12.15) or less!

Tudor Rose The Tudor Rose

When the Parson of Little Baddow saves a child from the floodwaters of the River Chelmer, he initiates a story that blends life in a small English village with the political and religious disputes of the 16th century and the Royal House of Tudor.  It is a tale of murder, witchcraft and political intrigue, and of a young man, Edward Mantell, who is led to believe, with tragic consequences, that he may be the legitimate son of King Henry VIII.

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StrongholdThe Stronghold

With the distant rumble of guns besieging Colchester, the bizarre religious cults and secret ordinations into the Church of England, and the presence in the area of both Parliamentary and Royalist troops, a blind man taps his way to the ancient burial site on the hill at Little Baddow to perform some mysterious ritual. The Stronghold is a story of love and spiritual longing set amidst the social chaos of the English Civil War, blending the earthly and the supernatural with dramatic consequences, as everyone seeks their own ‘stronghold’ in a world of danger and change.

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Gracys walkGracys Walk

Lady Alice Mildmay, mistress of the Manor of Gracys, is caught between a sincere but frustrated lover and a brutal, negligent and jealous husband, but is ever watched over by Walter Raynal, a priest who is at heart an artist, devoted to her and to beauty.  Gracys Walk is a story of intrigue and longing, of witchcraft and the supernatural, of treasure stolen, hidden and finally lost, but above all of love, beauty and despair.

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Brother JohnBrother John

Brother John, a monk of Beeleigh Abbey, Rob, a shepherd of troubadour stock, Simon Renger, a ruthless knight, ‘The Little One’ his servant and even De Refham, her guardian – all the men are bewitched, in one way or another, by the beauty and innocence of young Ivetta. This is a tale of spiritual longing and of love, set in rural England in the early fourteenth century, and along the banks of the River Chelmer, by which Brother John sits to meditate, and down which Ivetta floats on a log at night, in a desperate attempt to escape captivity and death.

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Escaping from captivity in North Africa, Robin Gyll, accompanied by a young, boyish, Italian waif, Bettina, and her adopted Father, sets out to return to his home village of Little Baddow in Essex.  There he falls in love with one girl after another, always overlooking the one who is truly devoted to him. Finally, Bettina, now grown and beautiful, risks everything to win his heart. This love story, set in the late 17th century, delightfully recreates the life of an English village at that time, as well as illustrating the folly of mixing religious principles with physical attraction.

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