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The Archive...

At the heart of the History Centre lies the Parish Chest, a collection of documents, photographs, maps and objects illustrating the history of the village.

It is housed in a temperature and humidity-controlled room at the History Centre and is a unique resource for all interested in the researching people or events in the life of Little Baddow, as well as discovering how the village has developed over the centuries.

In order to maintain and develop this archive, help is needed for the enjoyable task of sorting, identifying and describing new items as they arrive, and filing them away.

Because this is more fun if done along alongside other people, we hope to have archive sessions on Thursday mornings during the months when the Centre is open, and special sessions when it is closed.

No previous experience is necessary, and we have a paper sytem running alongside our digital archive, for those who feel more comfortable away from a keyboard.

The next two mornings are Thursday January 10th, and Thursday February 14th.

If you would like to become involved please email me for further details, by clicking here.

With many thanks,

Mel Thompson






For access to the digitised records...

If you are familiar with getting information from Excel spreadsheets, and would like to see our digital listing of material in the archive, please click here to download the file.

This file will be up-dated from time to time. At the moment, it shows the digitised records as at November 22nd, 2018.

[Please be aware that, due to a software problem, the absolute identifier numbers of individual items are not showing, only their year of accession. Location details remain correct, so you should be able to find what you are looking for.]

If you have difficulty with this file, or for further information, please contact me.


Further information about the archiving system and a handbook for using the archive will be published here in the near future.