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We have paperback editions of the five historical novels by Jesse Berridge, all set within the village. Click any cover image for more information...

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Gracys WalkBrother john


heather hills

The Heather Hills, 1918

Latest news...

Thanks to the generosity of Su Washington and the Washington Foundation, the Centre has received a wonderful collection of Bob Washington's pots and drawings, along with a wood engraving by his father, William Washington. The Foudation is also donating a cabinet, so that they may shortly be put on display, and they will also form the centrepiece for a future exhibition.


A platter by Bob Washington, 485mm, entitled 'The Elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.' Engobe decoration, ceramic fibre board and fibre glass on stoneware clay. Multi-fired.

Open Gardens


Observed any wildlife in the village recently?

Latest sightings are posted in the History Centre and on a board in the cart lodge.

Nature News from The History Centre, June, July-2019

We are delighted to continue our Wildlife Sighting records in conjunction with the Exhibition – ‘Our Natural History’.
The weather says it all- exhausting heat and some rain may have deterred the nature spotters but the natural world continues to thrive.
The butterflies are in gay profusion- especially Red Admirals, Peacocks, Painted Lady and Six-Spot Burnet Moth Caterpillars- boding well for their hatching in Chapel grounds.
Crickets are making their presence felt with reported sightings of Roesels Bush Cricket and perhaps the same was seen climbing up The History Centre wall.
One evening , while enjoying a barbecue a family of wrens were skipping in and out of the patio plant pots- young ones chirping loudly to be fed while a busy adult narrowly missed colliding with my shoulder as it darted after a tiny butterfly or moth- much too quick for identification but the young were pleased with supper.
Woodpeckers are much in evidence with ground feeding Green Woodpeckers enjoying windfall apples and larvae while Spotted Woodpeckers have been calling from the very top of a nearby fir tree, helping identification from their call.
There is much activity in the owl box with 4 Barn Owl chicks being ringed and becoming bold and adventuring out of the nest box to survey the big wide world. Both Little and Tawny owls have been seen over local farmland.
Wild flowers along the road side are looking dry but the verges have not been cut yet so we can still see Herb Robert, Knapweed, Yarrow and a quantity of Ragweed- not good for passing horses.
Along the river the Bulrushes are beginning to show their characteristic heads and Yellow Water Lilies are providing havens for Demoiselle flies and Moorhens.
Muntjac Deer are calling, unusually one was heard mid-morning.
One Badger did not make it safely across The Ridge, perhaps a casualty of passing traffic.
Sadly we have lost one of our very knowledgeable ‘spotters’ in John Murrell. He loved all things natural and was often seen out and about with his binoculars or enjoying his beloved garden and its great variety of plants and trees.
There is a small tribute to his full life in The History Centre, truly one of ‘Nature’s Gentlemen’
Please continue the sightings and visit the Exhibition to see further information on ‘Our Natural History’.
As the seasons change - Please send sightings to:

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If you would like to join us in helping to sort and identify some of the fascinating new items that arrive for our archive, take a look at our Archive page by clicking here.

Following a Summer break, our next 'archive' session, will be on...

Monday, September 2nd, 10am - noon

Researching? Able to look up matieral within an Excel spreadsheet? If so, click here for a spreadsheet showing general folders within our archive and over 1,500 individual items within our database.

The History Centre

This lovely, light room is available for hire on a regular or occasional basis.

Ideal for Art, Craft groups, Meetings, Choir practice and Music groups.

It seats up to 24 people, with parking, toilets, tea and coffee making facilities available.

For further information and Terms & Conditions, please contact: M Klaber

01245 224539

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miss sorrelsAll three volumes of Sheila Rowley's history of the village are available as free digital downloads.

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