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One of the attractions for visitors to Ubud, on Bali, is the Monkey Forest, with its colony of Balinese long-tailed macaques.

They perform for the public and the public perform for them. Produce a banana - and, predictably enough, there are bunches for sale at the gate - and you'll get mugged by the most delightful monkeys, who are quite likely to throw away a half-eaten banana in favour of getting a newly-offered whole one.

Family groups perform on cue, preening, playing, bickering - monkeys, that is, not visitors. But take care of what you carry in your pockets or bag. Sensing that my camera bag was heavier than usual, I found a monkey fishing down into a side pocket, trying to steal my bottle of water!

They're lovely, though, and the monkey forest helps to make them viable as a species.

Just another reason to take a holiday on Bali!


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Monkey Forest - Ubud, Bali

Monkey familyDad snuggles up to Mum, while the baby insists on biting his tail!

Monkey dental flossDental hygiene is a serious matter, and its essential to get the right size inter-dental brush, as the images on the right illustrate...

baby feeding

Ignoring the presence of gawping visitors, this baby monkey just goes on feeding.

scratching ear

If your ear itches while you're holding onto Mum with one hand and the branch with the other, the logical thing to do is scratch it with your foot!


Now hold still, while I take a look at this!

It's not all fun and games; this monkey just sat and stared with a far-away, thoughtful and rather sad expression.

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Dental floss selection

The important think is to select the right size stick for your dental needs.


Flossing away happily!

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mother and baby

Just me and my Mum!