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Monkey forest#



Julian Alps

Lake District


NZ North Island

At the moment there is just a single gallery of photos from New Zealand - and extended version, separating North and South Islands, will appear soon. Click either image to be taken to the existing gallery.

NZ south



St Petersberg




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A quick plug for Nikon....

d700At the moment, I'm shooting with a Nikon D810. I know it's quite heavy in the hand and a bit of a tank, but that's all the better for those of us with large hands and a tendency to camerashake. And the files are wonderful!

nikonBut some of the older images here are taken with my previous cameras, the Nikon D700 and 300.

50mmLenses are the permanent investment that will outlive many camera bodies. And the bargain of all time, and probably my favourite lens, is the humble 50mm, 1.8 D - fast and sharp, with a natural angle of view, this is the one I would never want to be without.

High res files for retina screens...

As pages on this website are updated, I'm providing all images in high resolution, suitable for new Apple iPads, Macbook Pro and other computers with retina screens. Those with standard screens will notice no difference, but the images really are far better on the high res screens, and no doubt they will gradually become the norm.







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High resolution TIFF files  of these photographs are available for publication. 

For further information or to contact me about any of the images shown here, just email me

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