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1. Introduction

2. Ethical arguments

3. What makes morality possible

4. Moral language

5. Plato and the quest for justice

6. Aristotle and happiness

7. Aquinas and natural law

8. On what should morality be based?

9. Utilitarianism

10. Kant and moral choice

11. Morality and power

12. An existentialist approach

13. Situation ethics

14. Religion and ethics

15. Conscience

16. Virtue ethics

Postscript: Where do we go from here?


Timeline of philosophers

Further Reading


Ethical Theory

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The revised edition of this title provides an overview of the major ethical theories found in Western Philosophy and religion, with quotations from original sources, and examples of how the theories may be applied to a range of contemporary moral issues.

It is particularly suitable for those taking papers in Ethics at AS and A2 level, and aims to give students a sound background for handling particular issues in applied ethics.

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mug"This book gives a broad introduction to ethical theories for students at A level. But in order to deal with ethical issues, it is also important to have a working knowledge of the relevant facts.

"To get maximum benefit from this book, it should therefore be used alongside titles that give factual information on actual moral dilemmas (such as those in the Access to Philosophy series: Medical Ethics, Issues of Life and Death, Sex and Relationships and Environmental Ethics).

"Of course (and in many ways better still) it should also be read alongside the news items and comment columns of newspapers, other media and on the web, because that's where you find the raw material of ethical debate."

The Access to Religion and Philosophy Series...

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168 pages

3rd edition, 2008

Hodder Education

ISBN-13: 978-0-340-95779-0

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