The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Edited in the US by James Fieser, this is another huge resource, easy to find your way around the alphabetical listings:

Descartes? Hume?

If you're studying thinkers from the 16th to 18th century - Descartes, Hume, Kant and so on - then provides an amazing resource. The original texts from these thinkers in readable form.

Julian Baggini's site...

julian bOffers big thoughts that come in small packages, along with information about his journalism, books and talks.

The Window: Philosophy on the Internet

This includes links to many other philosophy sites, and even has thumbnail images of philosophers, for those wanting to know what their favourite thinkers looked like. Just click here.




If you need to look up anything from 'Anselm, Saint' and 'Animals, moral status of' to 'Zeno's paradoxes and 'Zombies': just click here. This really is an amazing resource for anyone interested in philosophy.

wiphiWireless Philosophy

Subtitled 'a toolkit for building a better mind' this open access philosophy website is a very good online resource for those coming new to philosophy, and for students from GCSE upwards, particularly (in videos already produced) for those taking Philosophy of Religion papers.


mark vMark Vernon's website...

is just full of interesting stuff, short extracts of pieces he writes for the Guardian, book reviews, comments on events and much more. Check it out at...

nigel wThe Virtual Philosopher... 

This is Nigel Warburton's blog. It covers a wide range of philosophical issues, with links to many other blogs and sites:

Don't miss Nigel's Philosophy Bites and Ethics Bites - wonderful interviews and bite-sized podcast philosophy!


Richard BarronRichard Baron's blog and website

Called 'Analysis and Synthesis' he describes his blog is 'largely philosophical' and it contains seriously argued posts on a number of philosophical issues, particular on Ethics and the Philosophy of Mind.

Take a look at: and you can find out more about Richard Baron and his work on:

He provides course notes for students taking his adult education classes in philosophy, some of which are also useful for A level students:

The history of philosophy podcasts...

Kings CollegeProfessor Peter Adamson of King's College, has a series of podcasts which will eventually cover the whole history of philosophy. They are a valuable resource, both for students and those with a general interest in philosophy.  Each podcast lasts 20 minutes.

Try them on

Philosophy around the Web -

for everything from 'Why study philosophy?' and information on university departments of philosophy to short pieces on individual philosophers:


or those doing Ethics papers for Religious Studies A level, and those simply interested in a range of ethical issues, the BBC offers good material at:

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mugEver since Plato presented Socrates' ideas in dialogue form, philosophy has thrived on discussion.

Expressing views and having them challenged is the life-blood of critical thinking. Blogs and websites are a great vehicle for doing just that. Read what others have to say, and join the debate.

I have two blogs, a general one:

Philosophy and Ethics

And 'The God Blog' on:

Philosophy of Religion

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stephen LawStephen Law, the editor of Think, has a blog on:

Jonathan Glover's website, , provides a whole range of interesting material on philosophy and ethics.


One of the most valuable features of this site is the History of Western Philosophy section. It offers a timeline of philosophers, plus a run-down on almost everyone. This a great way to get to grips with both individual thinkers and particular periods of history. It is at:

Who's who...  

If you need a quick paragraph of biographical information to remind you of the great philosophers, try: following links to resources and then philosophers.