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I translate all of the following and more from French, German & Spanish into English:

Translation is not only about understanding another language but about understanding how language works and about creating a document in your own language that sounds as if it originated in that language. And it is about caring for language and knowing its highways and byways, its beauty and strength, its grandeur and intimacy, its idioms, where it came from and the path it follows now. It takes consideration and creativity – more than just decoding words.  Whatever your needs - one-off or regular, commercial or private - call on academic solutions so you can understand and be understood.

As opposed to using an online translation engine and turning this:

You better watch out                          into this           You improve the watch outside
You better not cry                                                      You do not improve the cry
You better not pout                                                     You do not improve the pout
I’m telling you why                                                    I say to you why
Santa Claus is coming to town                                   The Father Christmas comes to the city

or coming up with these instructions:

By placed on the suitable surface, then turn on the lamp (Fig 2) in the above or window. Move down it slowly, you can depart from it when the bulb become bright. At this time, you can feel balance strength and sphere peaceful levitating the window (Fig 3).

Click here for some other mistranslations that really bring home how important it is to have your text translated not only by a human being but by a human being who understands language - how it works and why.


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