Any work undertaken by Academic Solutions is in the strictest confidence. Nothing is discussed with or revealed to any third party. You may rest assured that your personal and/or commercial privacy is my complete concern. The only information retained by me on computer will be my invoice, the e-mail communications between us and the actual work completed on disk, which I shall retain for two months from the date of completion in case of your further need, unless specifically requested by you in writing not to do so. I shall then delete it from my PC. I use an AVG anti-virus system on my computer plus Ad-Aware and have an extremely powerful firewall.

Initial Contact

I will supply either verbally, in writing or by e-mail these terms and conditions, a quote for the work and confirmation of the completion date/time before commencing the work. Your acceptance, whether verbal or written, of the terms and of my quote will amount to a request for me to commence work.


All prices quoted are per hour or part thereof or, where translation is concerned, per 1000 words or part thereof. Where an initial piece of work includes a part of an hour which is charged as a whole hour, or an amount of words over the 1000(s) which is charged as for 1000, and a further piece of work is undertaken prior to payment of the first (ie within 14 days), any part of an hour or any words over the 1000(s) in the second piece of work will not be charged for.
Please note that special lower rates may be negotiated for large or regular orders or for charities.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are within fourteen days of receipt of the completed work and accompanying invoice. Payment should be by cash or cheque and my receipt will be provided.


Your satisfaction is my personal concern. I aim to provide a professional service to the highest standard. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my service, please contact me within 30 days of completion of the work and I will be happy to discuss matters with you.

Standard Disclaimer

Whilst every care is taken to provide you with the most professional and accurate service possible, Academic Solutions will not be held responsible in any way for any errors, omissions, misunderstandings or other problems which may occur in or as a result of the work provided, or for the currency, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any work provided by Academic Solutions. Under no circumstances shall Academic Solutions be liable to you or anyone else for any damages arising out of using the work/service provided, including, without limitation, liability for consequential, special, incidental, indirect, or similar damages, even if we are advised beforehand of the possibility of such damages. You agree that the liability of Academic Solutions, if any, arising out of any kind of legal claim in any way connected to the service or the content shall not exceed the amount you paid to Academic Solutions for the service.


The Data Protection Act requires that a supplier be open about its use of information and follow certain principles for processing that information. These principles are known as the eight data protection principles. The Act also provides individuals with certain rights, including the right of subject access.

When Academic Solutions is engaged by any client to undertake professional services and there is a requirement for Academic Solutions to work with client data, it is a requirement of the Data Protection Act 1998 that an agreement exists between the client (the Data Controller) and Academic Solutions (the Data Processor). This is our agreement:
You, the data controller, engage Academic Solutions, the data processor, to carry out work on your behalf, involving confidential information about you. Processing by Academic Solutions of that data includes subsequently storing the data on your behalf in our system for the duration of the work and for two months thereafter, in case of further need by either party.
We undertake to see that adequate security measures are taken here at Academic Solutions to prevent unauthorised access to, disclosure of or loss of your data. We undertake to process data in accordance with your instructions.
Responsibility for, ownership of and control over the data remains with you the data controller at all times.


Any work undertaken by Academic Solutions is in the strictest confidence. Nothing is discussed with or revealed to any third party. You may rest assured that your personal and/or commercial privacy is my complete concern.

Data Privacy Policy

The New General Data Protection Regulations coming into force on 25th May 2018 have led us to formalise our privacy and data use policy. 

1. We gather only enough information from you the customer - name, address, email, telephone number – to enable us to complete your order or respond to your query. 

2. Despite our IT system being fully protected, we store the work we have done for you on an external hard drive in a secure place, for a period of one year, for your own benefit and for our reference on your behalf.  It is kept completely confidential.

3. We do not retain any financial information e.g. details on cheques used for payment. 

4. If you wish to have your details removed or amended or the work we have done for you deleted, please ask us to do this. 

5. We will not share any of your information with any third party. 

6. We will ensure that your data is kept securely at all times.


I use a full anti-virus system on my computer and have a strong firewall.


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